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Testimonials & Reviews

The intuitive body work Mike offered was both intimate and professional. The work was deep and allowed me to feel a sense of peace. I transitioned in and out of a dream/wake space and allowed the sense of overall well-being to guide the session; for days to come I continued to feel physically cared for.


K. E.


Mike Santana is my temporary respite from the harsh realities of this world. Mike was a "birthday gift" from a friend during a particularly trying period in my life. Juggling career and motherhood while going through a divorce was hugely stressful. Happily, my dear friend Katie recognized exactly what I needed ... Mike's sensitivity and humor quickly put me at ease. He made me feel so relaxed and invigorated at the same time. His gentle manner coupled with his strong hands and knowledge of the body's stress points are a true gift. I highly recommend Mike Santana as a sensitive, wonderful person and an awesome masseur!

Stacy P.

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Let me start by saying I have a massage once a week for the last ten years. Mike Santana has been my massage therapist for the last two years. I don't even have words to express the relief of stress as well as a total body rejuvenation I feel after my massages. His is by far OUTSTANDING in his profession. I have referred him to several friends and we all feel the same once you had a massage by Mike, no one else will do. **** 4 STARS

Christina M.

Mahwah, NJ

Mike Santana is a wonderful and very gifted massage therapist. I have taken a series of weekly massages with him and am very pleased with the experience. his knowledge of the human body combined with his varied techniques provided me much relief for my 2 frozen shoulders. i would recommend him to anyone i know and especially to those who have any areas that need special attention.

Christina S.

Weehawken, NJ

Please accept my short letter below describing my massages that you gave me in the past. Thank you so much for making me feel beautiful-you have that touch that I have not found with any other massage therapists. Best of luck to you & your future as the most gifted massage therapist who has the unique ability to make people feel special & beautiful!!! :) Mike Santana is a very gifted massage therapist. The massages that I have received from him left me feeling uplifted & rejuvenated He has a special touch that cannot be explained in must experience one of his massages to understand!!

Laura K.

Bergen County, NJ

​Thank you for the gift of sharing your massage with me at Naturally Yoga. The first thing that was clear when I received the massage was your attention to the body with such grace and harmony. I felt like I was floating in open space. There was a rhythm that you tapped into that allowed the me to relax and feel at ease. I had never received a massage quite like yours and felt blessed that you graced me with explanations and understanding. You tune in beautifully to the person. I know many people will benefit..Many blessings and keep sharing your beautiful gifts

Sheryl, Owner of Naturally Yoga

Glen Rock, NJ

My neck is feeling much better since you worked on me. Here is my long over due testimonial. Sorry it took so long. I am a 41 year old extremely active husband and father of an almost six year old girl and four year old boy. In 1990, 15 years ago I had back surgery for a ruptured disc in my lower lumbar area. I have had years of after care treatments ranging from traditional physical therapy to non-traditional programs such as acupuncture, chiropractic and yoga. I have also maintained a schedule of regular massage therapy. I met Mike Santana through a referral from a dear friend that new I was in an ongoing pursuit of any person or remedy that would relieve the tightness and pain in my back. After we moved back into our apartment right next to ground zero in December of 2001, I finally called Mike and set up an appointment. When Mike arrived at our door, the level of stress we were enduring was quite high and my back was bothering me acutely. After I got off the massage table, I emailed my friend that had referred me to Mike and told her, "I feel like I am 17 years old again." The movement I had was incredible and the pain was gone. Gone! Mike is a gifted massage therapist with hands that are intuitive to ones pain areas. My wife has neck problems and Mike is able to relieve pain for her as well. I have referred many people to Mike and have heard only great things back. I am happy to write this for Mike's web site as it may bring relief to someone that acts on it. Thanks Mike.

Wade W.


I would just like to thank you for my last massage, I have traveled all over the world and your massage was by far the best. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Michele N.

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Mike, thanks for the FABULOUS bodywork session. Your massage definitely tops any other I have gotten before yours. As a mother of three, for many years I have been getting massages from many top spas around the States. During a week vacation in Napa, California I thought I got the best massage I have ever gotten, but that was before I got yours. Now, there is no more excuses flying to California since I can get the best masseuse right here at home. Thanks for the quality, sophistication, and professionalism you deliver with your service.

Kathy C.

Mahwah, NJ

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When I first came to Mike Santana for therapeutic massage, I had constant lower back pain. After just a few sessions, and continued weekly massages, my back improved immensely. Mike is very skilled in his technique, extremely knowledgeable of how to relieve stress and tension, and does so with the utmost professionalism. I would recommend him to anyone!

Jen K.

Malibu, CA

As a client, I enjoy and look forward to the peace and relaxation a massage brings me. Both my body and mind benefit from the restorative aspects of taking just one hour to clear my head. I focus on the mind/body connection that influences my day to day outlook on everything I do. Through my two pregnancies and now as a mother of two young boys, I try to take time out for myself. I cannot think of a better way to spend that brief respite than to get a massage. Mike has a gift to be enjoyed!

Tracy P.

Los Angeles, CA

Mike Santana's massage treatments work well for me. I lead an active lifestyle as an entrepreneur who owns a computer service company, cares for a family and plays hard. My activities include playing golf at least twice per week, swimming and other sports as well as my own garden and yard maintenance! Pain is always an issue with me but, Mike's knowledge of the human body, his expertise about muscles and nerves and how various sports and activities can impact specific muscle groups makes him an exceptional therapist. His special "nerve therapy" (mike help me with this term) makes him a unique practitioner who helps me to release tension in the areas that cause me the most pain.

Karen S.

Venice, CA

I've been a west coast client of Mike Santana's for the past 7 years. As a sufferer of back problems, I rely on Mike's deep tissue massages to help relieve my pain. Unfortunately, I'm spoiled as no other massage can compare - he's the best!' I want to thank you for 'saving my back' for the past 7 years! Since I've known you, you've nursed my back through two pregnancies, a car accident and the chronic pain of scoliosis. You've spoiled me! It’s impossible to get a massage without comparing it to yours. You're the best!

Christina Z.

Beverly Hills, CA

I met Mike a decade ago while working at a luxury Salon in Beverly Hills. He is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered!! He was able to work out areas that I never thought possible and is great with deep tissue massage. Mike's largest strength is his uncanny awareness of the body and ability to understand how to promote healing within it. He has a wonderful sense of touch and excellent deep-pressure techniques. He has a gentle yet firm touch and very tuned in with the person he is working on. Mike is professional, respectful, and attentive. Just when I thought I could finally stop hunting around for a massage therapist I trust, Mike moved to the East coast!!! And yes, I'm still hunting for Mike's replacement.

Dina H.

Los Angeles, CA

I've had my share of physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy since my car accident. I wasn't satisfied with the treatments I was getting, so I kept looking for better chiropractors and massage therapists. I was so happy when I met Mike. I didn't have to look any further. Mike's technique has truly worked for me. I got more than just a simple, relaxation massage. I got a therapeutic, relaxation massage treatment. All my knots in my neck and shoulders were dissolved to nothing.  My new chiropractor was also impressed with the results I was getting with Mike's massage therapy. Now my body is where it should be and will continue to maintain it with regular massage treatments. A zillion thanks Mike!

Odile C. / Model / Actress / Baby Clothing Designer / Mother

Encino, CA

I have been tremendously helped by the deep tissue massages that I have received from you over the last 5 years. As you know, I have a problem with a chronic back spasm due to a bulging disc in my lower back. I have had acupuncture, physical therapy, injections, nerve blocks, etc. But nothing has helped me as much as the treatments I receive from you. You are the best!

Jackie C.

Pacific Palisades, CA

Mike is clearly the best massage therapist I have ever found. He instinctively knows how to release my lower back pain in one session. I always walk away feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful. I highly recommend his work.

Scott D.

Los Angeles, CA

I have been receiving massages from Mike for over 6 years. I strongly believe that consistently receiving massages that have focused on my specific body’s needs, has enhanced my health and enabled me to maintain an active lifestyle. Mike goes beyond the standard “techniques” of massage. His ability to adjust his style to address areas of focus and achieve results that are important to me has made me a faithful customer.

Kristina H.

Long Beach, CA

I am a massage therapist who has experienced almost every type of body work from numerous therapists. Mike has a wonderful touch with enormous sensitivity. I look forward to his trips to Los Angeles because I know I am going to get a beautiful treatment that leaves me feeling great. The last time he worked on me, I believe I proposed to him.

Tara M.

Los Angeles, CA

Mike Santana's massages make every other one you've had feel obsolete. He gets to the root of the problem, wherever it may be. When I have pain in my lower back, he gets these points in my hip flexors that I can actually feel ease up the tension in my back. It's incredible! He's all about muscles and nerves and how they connect. With Mike, it's not just a back rub- it's total body therapy.

Lauren S.

Hollywood, CA

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