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PEMF "Electrons Plus" Therapy


How does PEMF therapy work? Quite simply it puts electrons into your body thus recharging tired and weak cells. This greatly improves cell function that decreases naturally over time due to injuries, illness and age. The introduction of the earth’s electromagnetic field in to your cells speeds up the healing process for faster recovery from bruises, cuts, surgery wounds and soft tissue damage. 


PEMF therapy helps in the following areas: 

  • Decreased Pain 

  • Reduced Inflammation 

  • Increased Range of Motion 

  • Faster Functional Recovery 

  • Reduced Muscle Loss after Surgery 

  • Increased Tensile Strength in Ligaments 

  • Faster Healing of Skin Wounds 

  • Enhanced Capillary Formation 

  • Acceleration of Nerve Regeneration 

  • Decreased Tissue Necrosis 


What is Electrons Plus? Electrons Plus (E+) is a therapeutic device that emits an electromagnetic field. The current of electrons can be felt through the practitioner and into the patient. Our cells have a voltage and eventually because of age, illness or disease that voltage will weaken. The E+ device actually puts electrons back into the body and recharge those tired cells. If someone has areas of weakness in the body then pain will eventually occur as a response to the over compensation of the opposing muscles. The E+ device will assist in finding those tired, sleeping muscles and wake them up in order to restore balance to the body. 


Anxiety and Stress Reduction E+ Therapy has been proven to ease symptoms of stress and anxiety. It is used as a means to stimulate the Vagus nerve which in turn stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. The stimulation of these helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and eases stress.  

Lower Back Pain There are many factors involved in lower back pain. In most cases weakness or muscle adhesions in certain areas of one's legs or abdomen are the cause. Or sometimes one can have weakness in one or both of the psoas muscles. Using E+ therapy we are able to quickly identify muscles that are not firing and then treat them. By stimulating sleepy muscle tissue we’re in essence waking up the dormant muscle and encouraging it to function properly. If the muscles in the legs and abdomen are all working in unison then the inflammation in the lower back decreases. 


Shoulder Pain In many cases shoulder problems occur because of extreme tightness in the back or weakness in one or more of the rotator cuff muscles. Using the E+ device along with various forms of soft tissue manipulation, symptoms of rotator cuff injuries have been reported to decrease at faster than normal healing times. 


How long and how frequent are sessions?

For most people suffering from acute pain it is recommend 1-3 visits a week until the pain subsides. Typical sessions are 15-30 minutes.  

For older people and those suffering from long term chronic problems then a full-hour session is recommended 


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