Are you an athlete looking

to harness more energy and increase your flexibility?

Do you follow an intense workout program and wish to improve muscle recovery?

Are you recovering from an

injury and want to reduce pain or regain range of motion?


● Professional Athletes

● Scholastic Athletes

● Fitness Enthusiasts

● Bodybuilders

● Sports Related Injury

● Occupational Injury

What is Traditional Cupping?​


It is believed that cupping therapy dates back to 3000 BC and it is still used today for muscle relaxation and repair. It had enjoyed a degree of media attention during the 2016 Summer Olympics after gold medalist Michael Phelps sported cupping marks on his body.

This ancient therapeutic technique involves vacuum pressurized jars placed on the surface of the body. This suction or negative pressure penetrates deep into the muscle and releases toxins, triggers the lymphatic system, clears blood vessels, stretches tight muscles, releases trigger points, and promotes deep relaxation.

What is Levity Cupping?

Levity Cupping is an advanced therapeutic modality for athletes and active individuals which combines traditional cupping with a patented lift technique to relieve muscle tension, dissolve scar tissue, and improve circulation.

Therapeutic cups are placed on targeted areas to initiate suction. Going beyond the benefits of traditional cupping, each Levity Cup is tethered to an elastic cable creating an upward pulling force. As a result, tired achy muscles are lifted from the body allowing for a mind/body experience like never before.


To alleviate neck pain, cups are placed on strategic areas and gently pulled to instantly relieve muscle tightness. After 15 minutes of sustained lift, you will feel as if

your neck has been replaced by a younger and more relaxed one!


The same results can be experienced when treating lower back pain. The natural inward curve of the lower back can tighten and cause painful stiffness. Imagine lying face down on a heated massage table and having up to six Levity Cups take pounds of pressure right off your lower spine!

If you have any questions or curiosities about this groundbreaking treatment, we invite you to stop by for a free evaluation.
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