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What is Levity Cupping?


Well before we talk about Levity Cupping let's talk about all the great benefits of traditional Chinese Cupping.

Traditional Chinese Cupping is a therapeutic modality that literally pulls blood and other nutrients circulating in your body toward damaged areas of the body. It also uses “negative pressure” in order to break up terrible muscle spasms and restricted blood vessels. Positive pressure means to press into a muscle whereas negative pressure is literally pulling the muscle in the specific location.

A cup is heated up with a flame and then very quickly the opening of the cup is planted on the surface of a persons skin directly over a pain area. So if you're having pain in your hip or lower back or back then you can expect a practitioner to place cups all around those areas. Science will tell you that the heat from the flame will choke the air out of the cup and once it's mouth is on the skin you'll see the effect, the skin will get vacuumed into the cup thus sucking blood toward the surface of the skin. It's like giving someone a giant hickie!

All kidding aside the therapeutic effects are staggering.  Not only is blood being pulled to an affected and injured area but the actual stretching of the muscles are happening directly under the cup and surround the cup. That stretching breaks up all the little microscopic bits of scar tissue that is on the area causing pain. Once those muscle fibers are relieved of that sticky scar tissue then your movement is greatly increased. The healing then starts to occur and over the course of several treatments, your once restricted shoulder, hip or knee or whatever area you have problems with will start to function properly and you are on your way to a better pain freed way of life.

Neurological Aspects of Cupping

Cupping totally helps relax the muscles that squeeze down on our sympathetic nervous system(SNS).  Down our spines we have a series of nerves that make up the sympathetic nervous system. The SNS is what speeds up our heart rate, widens our bronchial passages, decreases movement in our large intestines, constricts blood vessels, raises blood pressure and makes us sweat! Scary right? So then Cupping helps calm that aspect of your nervous system in order to cause deeper relaxation and just a deeper sense of over all wellbeing. And by the way it helps lower blood pressure at times up to 40 points with zero side affects.

Levity Cupping Explained


When you think of the word Levity, what comes to mind? Normally Levity is an attitude of lightheartedness, high spirits even glee. Some could reason that levity also signifies lifting or raising up something or someone…

That being said Levity Cupping does exactly that. It literally lifts tired achy muscles off the body and allows for a mind/body experience like never felt before in this fashion. How does it work?

Levity Cupping is the act of placing therapeutic cups on specific areas of a persons body and then being hoisted and actually picked up from your muscles… sound painful? It's not. It's blissful. When you have these cups attached to the cables that suspend from the ceiling then fastened to you and causing a lift then you can imagine that particular part of your body being relieved of whatever tension or stress you've been having. Some have described the feeling as floating on water, others have described it as feeling weightlessness and one person even said it's “freakishly amazing.”

Imagine your neck is just on fire and you feel like you want the muscles in your neck to be stretched and lifted away from your spine so you can finally sleep. Well that's exactly what Levity Cupping does. Cups will be placed on three or even four areas on your neck then gently pulled in three or four different directions at the same time for about 30 minutes. In that 30 minute period of time you are put into a trance like state of relaxation just by virtue of the fact that all the pressure was instantly removed. Once you calm down and let the muscles continue to be pulled away from your cervical spine, you'll literally feel like your neck has been replaced by a younger, freer and much more relaxed one!

Let's talk about your lower back. Just think about the tightness and congested feeling you get when getting up out of a chair, or out of bed. Now imagine laying face down on a heated massage table and having up to 6 Levity Cups literally picking you up and literally taking pounds of pressure right off your lower spine. The natural inward curve of the lower back can tighten and make you feel like you can't even look down. But once you experience the lifting effect that Levity Cupping does, you'll be hooked!

If you have any questions or any curiosities then please do not hesitate but to come in. I highly encourage you, if you're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed out, overworked, sleep deprived and anxiety ridden then please, please, please, schedule your appointment today!

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