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I started my career working on professional dancers in Los Angeles. Every single dancer complains of the same issues, tight gluts and hips! Of course upper back tightness is an issue along with neck soreness. Many times a dancer will complain of a burning sensation in the mid back due to keeping their arms up like in ballroom dancing or Latin style dancing.

I’ve found that by treating my dancer clients every 2 weeks, they’ve been able to enjoy dancing with relatively less burning pain or over-tightness.


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I have been treating gym junkies my entire career! Whether it’s a torn labrum, swelling of the knees, inflammation of the lower back or hand and wrist problems; weightlifters always find ways to injure themselves.

Unfortunately working with these muscle makers means a lot of painful sessions. Think about it… Already muscle tissue is being shredded and then the rebuilding of the muscle is in the healing process. So basically I come in and press and stretch sore and sensitive muscle fibers, ouch!

Fortunately I’ve developed a great way to get to the root of those nasty muscle spasms and reduce the tightness and break up adhesions with less pain than a traditional “deep-tissue” massage!


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Football players


I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for football players to get their muscles worked on. Swollen knees, inflamed hamstrings, weak hip-flexors, and generally weakened knee and ankle tendons can cause terrible injuries to occur. By getting sports massage twice a month (my recommendation) a football player will greatly reduce the risk of career ending injuries.


Check out this link for more information on sports massage and football players.



Soccer players


Soccer players like many other running game are at risk for a plethora of sports injuries. Just the angles that a soccer player’s feet has to twist in causes tightening in the calves that actually change the position of the foot. This can therefore increase the probability of stepping wrong and blowing out a knee or and ankle. Shin splints and burning quadriceps are another hurdle a soccer player will have to jump.

The explosive bursts of running really challenge the gluts and hamstring so its super important to condition these muscles by getting regular sports massage therapy.


Check out this link for even more evidence of the benefits.


Basketball Players


I’ve treated many basketball players with severely inflamed quadriceps and calves. It’s not uncommon for basketball players to suffer from different types of ligament damage in the ankles and wrists. Knee issues are common due to all the running on the hard courts and jumping that’s involved. It’s always a smart idea to keep a basketball players muscles as loose and conditioned as possible in order to withstand the constant twisting and sudden stopping and landing as well.


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Runners are constantly battling numerous ailments due to the constant pounding of the pavement. In my experience runners will always have knee issues and Achilles tendon issues. If you’re a runner you may be dealing with pangs of plantar fasciitus. Its also common to have pain in the heel which many think is due to bone spurs, but I’ve been noticing that regular deep trigger-point therapy on the calves helps reduce those heel pains.

As long as runners take care of themselves by scheduling regular muscle therapy then they will notice a much smoother running experience.


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Tennis Players


Tennis is very strenuous on the upper body, especially because of the swinging and serving motions. Tennis elbow is a very common injury where the tendons surrounding the elbow and forearm become very inflamed and painful sometimes even to the touch.

I’ve seen tennis players develop frozen shoulder syndrome because of the heavy over-handed serve. Regular deep muscle therapy is recommended to increase the blood supply to the forearms and speed up healing.

Knee injuries are also a common occurrence as a tennis player will constantly burst forward and come to abrupt stops. This puts an enormous amount of strain on the tendons of the quads and the ligaments surrounding the knee. Like all athletes, tennis players ought to be taking care of their bodies by having regular deep-muscle therapy sessions.


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Golfers have very specific injuries that I’ve dealt with. That initial golf swing is primarily the cause of a golfer’s pain. Think about it… The level of force created in the hips, lower back, head, neck, shoulder, hands and wrists is very damaging to the body. Especially true is when a person hasn’t developed proper positioning. If you’re a golfer and would like to hit those balls with tremendously less effort and much more efficiency then do yourself a favor and get a sports massage twice a week!


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