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For over two decades, Mike has been changing the lives of his clients on both the west and east coasts. His career began with helping stressed-out people to relax, but as time went by, his caring nature pushed him to concentrate more on curing injuries and helping to prevent them.

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Deep-Tissue Cupping and ElectronsPlus Therapy

​​Mike Santana has developed a bodywork style that really gets into the “nitty-gritty” of deep seeded emotional and physical issues. His way of approaching the body is completely unique and highly effective. Whether you’re new to the world of holistic healing or if you’re a lifelong advocate, it’s often a challenge to find that one special technique that really gets to the root of the problem and work it out.

Deep-Tissue Cupping

To answer what Deep-Tissue Cupping is would be to explain what traditional cupping is first. Traditional cupping therapy is the placing of cups...

ElectronsPlus Therapy

ElectronsPlus (E+) is a therapeutic device that emits an electromagnetic field. The current of electrons can be felt through the practitioner and into the patient...


"I met Mike a decade ago while working at a luxury Salon in Beverly Hills. He is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered!! He was able to work out areas that I never thought possible and is great with deep tissue massage. Mike's largest strength is his uncanny awareness of the body and ability to understand how to promote healing within it. He has a wonderful sense of touch and excellent deep-pressure techniques. He has a gentle yet firm touch and very tuned in with the person he is working on. Mike is professional, respectful, and attentive. Just when I thought I could finally stop hunting around for a massage therapist I trust, Mike moved to the East coast!!! And yes, I'm still hunting for Mike's replacement."

-Dina H.

Los Angeles, CA 

Deep-Tissue Cupping

Contact Me

69 E. Allendale Rd, Barnstable Ct, Saddle River, NJ 07458


Text/Call: (201) 632-1135

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